Our compact oven is built to maximize available space. All oven parts can pass through a regular 36-inch x 80-inch door and can be moved by hand. A Hot Rocks Pizza Oven technical supervisor will unload and assemble the oven on the customer’s site. All electrical, gas and chimney hookups, along with the oven burner’s startup, are at the customer’s expense and have to be done by the proper trades and according to local codes.

Customer Service

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Each oven must be hooked-up to a hood pressure switch supplied and installed at the customer’s expense. The Hot Rocks Pizza Oven installation process takes one day if all utilities are properly installed and available at the customer’s site. The Hot Rocks Pizza Oven installation service is limited to the installation of the oven and its components only. *** All installation prices are subject to changes and to a site survey. Site survey should be scheduled by the customer with a Hot Rocks Pizza Oven preferred installer or service partner. Customer acknowledges that the Hot Rocks Pizza Oven installer will stay on site for a 24 hours period after completion of installation to perform proper start-up of the equipment and training to the customer. If gas, ventilation, and electricity are not available within 24 hours after completion of the oven installation, the Hot Rocks Pizza Oven installer can leave the installation site. In such case, the customer will have to sign the section of the installation checklist confirming that gas, ventilation or electricity set-up were not completed on time. By signing, the customer enters into an agreement with DaVinci Compass to reschedule the startup and training. The customer understands that rescheduling the startup and training will have an additional charge that may range from $500 to $1,125. For our customers’ safety, the Hot Rocks Pizza Oven meets ETL Certification for the United States and Canada. Certified to CSA STD .1.8.2002. Conform to ANSI STD. Z 83.11.2002