About Us

Just a Bit of History

Sons of founder Lauréat Picard, Gilles and Guy had the idea of a lifetime: to create a pizza oven that would forever change the industry. That’s how the first LP-200 prototype was made, blending the speed of a conveyor with all the delicious taste of pizza baked in a brick oven. Early ovens were adopted by the Lebanese and Armenian communities in Montreal, Canada.

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In 2015, Dave and Vincent saw the bigger potential in the LP-200. Dave and Vincent completely overhauled the oven’s look and function to improve how it cooks and make it more efficient and better adapted to the pizza industry. Their HOT ROCKS pizza oven made its grand entrance into the global pizza market.

The name “Hot Rocks” is the result of a contest created by Picard’s employees. The new owners thought the name was a good fit and decided to commercialize it.

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Today, Hot Rocks is part of the Korok Group, a manufacturer of commercial food equipment also operating the Sipromac and Picard ovens brands.

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By baking consistently perfect pizzas time after time, our HOT ROCKS Ovens will revolutionize the way you bake your pizza, manage your staff, and run your business. That means better customer reviews for a superior quality product, less waste, time saved on mistakes, and an increased profit margin.

HOT ROCKS Ovens are not only at the forefront of changing how pizza is made, we will also help you to streamline your business so you can find a better balance between your personal and professional life.


To create value by manufacturing high-performance solutions that make our clients more successful and better their everyday life.


To have HOT ROCKS become the most invigorating and best known pizza brand around the globe.

Are you Ready to Change your Game?

HOT ROCKS generates emotions. Your first encounter with us will leave you intrigued. Your first trial will leave you impressed. Your first purchase will leave you convinced. And when your customers give glowing reviews, you will feel empowered.

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