Case Study – Evie’s Family Fun Center

July 28 2022 Business-wise, Case Study 3 min


Evie’s Family Fun Center is located in Sarasota,
Florida and features an 18-hole mini-golf, pizzeria and ice cream parlor, arcade, driving range, chipping and putting greens. The Evie’s concept is growing with more opening in the coming months.

Current Situation

  • 4 Bakers Pride double stack deck oven.
  • Baking at 550 degrees in 9-11 minutes and longer when it got busy.
  • Baking pizza on a screen



  • Bake time cut by 45% – bake time is at 6:00 minutes and the pizzas are coming out great
  • Eliminated burnt pizza – they used to burn a lot
  • Better consistency and a much better color to the bake
  • Ability to bake multiple products on the same deck
  • Less mistakes – first in first out
  • The oven heats up much quicker in the morning – about 50 Minutes

The ovens look so cool
compared to before

– Evie’s Staff

The pizzas come out so much
faster from the time I placed

my order

– Evie’s Customers

Serving our 400 + pizzas
on Pizza Wednesday went

– Evie’s Owner