Authentic stone baked taste

Labor savings

Increase output with one less employee


Flawless stone baking –
Never burn a pizza again!

Speed = profits

Decrease ticket time by 25%


Increase food quality scores

Customize oven

Customize Your Hot Rocks Stone Conveyor Pizza Oven to Fit Your Business

Baking Surface & Decks
What baking surface size do you need?
How many decks do you need?
Additional Services
Would you like a certified technician to visit you to check if everything's right with your oven?
For $2,400 per oven, you get an extra year warranty for a total of 2 years instead of 1 year, PLUS 4 maintenance kits per oven. Those kits will cover your maintenances for the 2 years. It’s peace of mind.
Special offer! Available from August 10th to 24th, 2021
Estimate (USD)$26,700

It’s an all inclusive - with shipping, installation and start up. No hidden costs! Complete your quote so we can send you a price confirmation.

Estimate (USD)$26,700

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