Stone Conveyor
Pizza Oven

The black granite stone baking surface provides a uniform heat distribution to the bottom of the pizza creating the perfect pizza crust.

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Why Choose Hot Rocks 


Free Installation, Setup & Freight
A technical supervisor unloads and assembles your new oven directly in your restaurant. It’s easy, no hidden fees.
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24/7 Technical Support
Trained technicians are always here to help you with your oven if you have any issues.
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Solid Warranty
1-year warranty on parts & labor included, and another year available when you purchase the Preventive Maintenance Program.
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Extended Warranty Program
An extra year warranty for a total of 2 years, PLUS 4 maintenance kits per oven, all for 2 years of worry free operations.

Why Hot Rocks is better than a deck oven

Great Oven, Great Pizza!

No doubt a perfect golden crispy crust will draw your customers’ attention!