"It's a game changer!"

Joe Longo, Joey’s Italian Grille
Madison & Chardon, Ohio

Rocking Everyday Life since 2018.
"I cook twice as many pizzas! It's a success in every way!"

Mike Akey, Piesanos Pizza
Gainesville, Florida

Rocking Everyday Life since 2018.
"Our deck ovens would be opened and closed, opened and closed. That doesn't happen with Hot Rocks"

Travis Masters, Westshore Pizza
St. Petersburg, Florida

Rocking Everyday Life since 2018.
"My business would not be the same without this oven. I bake 100-150 pizzas per hour"

Antonio Denapoli, Woodland Pizza
Montreal, Quebec

Rocking Everyday Life since 2016.

7 Things Owner Joe Longo Wants You to Know

Cooking in a Pan? No Problem!
"I was a little reluctant to try cooking in a pan with the oven. But our traditional pan pizza comes out of this oven perfect."
Maintenance, What Maintenance?
"I've had it for a year now, and I've had zero maintenance. We've only experienced the general maintenance as scheduled."
Spot-On Customer Service
"My experience with the Hot Rocks team has been spot on. They set us up with a local rep in case we do have any issues, and so far I haven't had to call 'em."
Increased Output
"Oven output has increased based on the fact that we're not putting pizza back into the oven. When it comes out, it's done."
Compliments From Customers
"Faithful customers have noticed that pizza is baked better and has more crunch, it's cooked thoroughly and the colors are exactly what we're looking for."
Cook Faster & Save Money
"We now save 1 minute of cooking time on each pizzas, it has increased pizza productivity. The oven also definitively uses less gas."
Stone VS. Mesh Conveyor
"The difference between the Hot Rocks oven being a stone and other conveyor ovens being mesh is how it retains the heat so much more."

You're Gonna Love Our Oven, Too

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