Holidays are often the busiest days for pizza shops and we all know that the pizza oven has to perform at its best during times of high demand. It is important to be well prepared to handle the monster traffic of Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day or the Superbowl.

Oven speed:

The speed of your pizza oven is crucial to handle a 20% to 40% increase in your normal traffic. A deck oven that is opened more often during high traffic times will see its baking time increase. The Hot Rocks pizza oven maintains a constant temperature. The average cooking time is 6 minutes.

Consistency and efficiency:

It is important to always serve a quality pizza. The advantage of the Hot Rocks is that it keeps the pizza consistent. No matter how many pizzas you make per hour, you will always get the same result. You won’t lose any efficiency! The problem with deck ovens is that you spend a lot of time opening the door and turning the pizzas , which lowers the temperature. The Hot Rocks stones (granite) retain the heat and the conveyor requires no door opening so there is no heat loss.

Shortage of personnel:

We all know that shortage of personnel is a daily challenge. The advantage of the Hot Rocks over a deck oven is that you place the uncooked pizza on the stone conveyor at the entrance and it comes out perfectly cooked at the exit without any handling. No need to turn your pizza. The employee who is permanently in charge of the oven can be assigned to make pizza :-) .

Pizzerias with the Hot Rocks will have an advantage over pizzerias with deck ovens