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Deck vs
Stone Conveyor Ovens

Always Bake Flawless Pizzas
With the Hot Rocks

No more open, close, open, close! With our stone conveyor oven, your employees will not have to check if the pizza is ready every 5 minutes and risk burning their forearms. The black granite stone baking surface provides heat distribution to the bottom of the pizza creating the perfect pizza crust.

Interesting, right?

Find out why our oven is smoking hot

3 Reasons Why a Stone Conveyor Oven Is Better Than a Deck Oven

    Guarantees top quality pizza with its even heat distribution and retention
    Accurately control the top temperature (goodbye burnt pizzas!)
    The era of opening and closing the door is over! Every pizza requires the same baking time but with so much less effort

That’s right, you’ll always get the perfect pizza!

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It's Time For a Stone Conveyor in Your Kitchen

Psst! Don’t worry about your pizza dough recipe…

Changing your oven is an important step, and we know it! Believe it or not, you don’t have to change your pizza dough. How nice! This new technology goes along with a simpler life in your kitchen. This means quick baking, constant temperature and no burnt pizzas. On top of it, the Hot Rocks brings less stress to your employees, requires less management and reduces opportunities for mistakes.

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Why Our Stone Conveyor Oven is Smoking Hot

Less food waste

Ensures consistency and maintains quality: authentic stone-baked taste, crispy crust, and no more burnt pizzas!

Greater production capacity with less effort

Increases production capacity thanks to its ease of use, which requires very little training.

Fast and effective

How fast? Like up to 50% faster! Plus, no waiting time for delivery and in-restaurant​ orders. Bring on 3rd party Apps!

Customer satisfaction through the roof

No difference in taste, your dough stays true to its recipe, and… your pizza bakes faster.

Say goodbye to chaos in your kitchen

Thanks to its entry and exit conveyor, you no longer have to open, close, open, close the doors. Stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off, now you can have an organized and zen kitchen!

Rookie proof labor

Operating the Hot Rocks is effortless. Your rookie employees will be up and running in no time without training. It isn’t rocket science!

Features You've Been Dreaming Of

Our stone conveyor oven is all about rocking your everyday life by baking your pizzas faster so you have more time to focus on other tasks.

Take a look:

Feature Hot Rocks Oven Deck Oven
Labor No training, easy to operate Skilled labor and training required
Baking surface​ Black granite stone surface Stone heating surface​
Speed Cut baking time by up 50% Bake time doubles during rush hour
Pizzas per hour​ Over 500 pizzas/hour (with a triple deck) Forget about it. Not even close to the Hot Rocks’ capacity!
Food Waste Yay! No more burnt pizzas! Oops… Forgot to take it out? Throw it out!
Temperature stability Of course! No more heat loss in the baking chamber Let's slow down a few minutes to let the oven to heat up
Energy costs Save on utilities like gas and electricity Heat, heat, heat. $$$ out the door - literally
Ticket time 25% faster Looooongeeer!
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Save Yourself From the Troubles of a Deck Oven

How the Hot Rocks is Rocking the Pizza World​

We don't wanna brag, but more than 100 pizza chefs tried our oven. In a nutshell, its speed, ease of use, quality bake and consistency blew their minds!

"Our deck ovens would be opened and closed, opened and closed. That doesn’t happen with Hot Rocks"
Travis Masters, Westshore Pizza in St.Petersburg, Florida

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