About Us

About Us

DaVinci Compass Group is a Canadian firm that acquires manufacturers of commercial food service and food processing equipment and builds 100% of their products in North America. We specialize in improving manufacturing processes and services so that existing brands can continue to develop their market potential.

History of the Hot Rocks Pizza Oven

The Hot Rocks Pizza Oven is the result of many years of Research and Development that started with Picard Ovens and concluded after the acquisition of the Picard brand by The DaVinci Compass Group. In early 2014, the DaVinci Compass Group engineering team took the existing design of Picard’s first stone conveyor oven (The LP200, which was launched during the 1990’s) and released The Hot Rocks Pizza Oven. This stone conveyor oven features an improved exterior design, better ventilation settings, and an updated control system that increases efficiency, baking quality, and ease of use.


When DaVinci Compass Group acquired Picard Ovens in 2014, the Hot Rocks Pizza Oven was a prototype concept. Relying on the expertise of our engineering team and listening carefully to our customers’ needs, we redesigned the existing stone conveyor to be stackable and more efficient. Compressing the size of the oven to be able to fit three stacks within a standard kitchen required DaVinci’s engineering team to get rid of the top heating elements of the existing oven (which cooked the pizza by radiant heat) and redesign the air circulation system of the oven to achieve the same pizza cooking results on the top of the pizza while maintaining efficiency. The result of this effort was a more compact, stylish, and effective stone conveyor oven.

Simultaneously, developments in technology made it possible for the engineering team to redesign the electronic controls of the oven and make them more user-friendly. The digital touchscreen control panel now allows customers to save different settings for individual recipes.

The DaVinci Compass Group engineering team is constantly investing in R&D to improve the design and technology of the Hot Rocks Pizza Oven to ensure the best baking results at the lowest cost to our customer’s operations. Four years of proven experience in the market and a customer-centric culture allows us to deliver an oven our customers can rely on. The Hot Rocks Pizza Oven helps pizza restaurant owners to bake the best quality pizza on a conveyor oven while increasing their production and profits.

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