Authentic stone baked taste

Labor savings

Increase output with one less employee


Flawless stone baking –
Never burn a pizza again!

Speed = profits

Descrease ticket time by 25%


Increase food quality scores

Customize oven

Customize Your Hot Rocks Stone Conveyor Pizza Oven to Fit Your Business

Baking Surface & Decks
What baking surface size do you need?
How many decks do you need?
Oven Specs
When standing in front of the oven, which way would you like your pizza to exit?
Do you need the entry conveyor? (it's at no extra cost).
What is your type of gas?
Additional Services
Would you like a certified technician to visit you to check if everything's right with your oven?
For $2,400 per oven, you could be part of our Preventive Maintenance Program including 4 visits from a technician, the extended warranty of 2 years instead of 1 year, and 4 maintenance kits per oven.
Estimate (CAD)$138,462

Shipping, set up & installation are included in your estimate – No hidden costs! Complete your quote so we can send you a price confirmation.

Estimate (CAD)$138,462

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