Vegetarian food is now more a lifestyle than a trend, and health is on every customer’s lips. Menus are even changed every month to fit seasons and trends. In short, we need to adapt more than ever.

As it can be challenging to offer a pizza that is both meatless and flavorful, we listed 5 vegetarian pizza ideas for you to try & adapt to your restaurant. Almost each vegetarian recipe can be made vegan by replacing the traditional cheese with a home-made vegan cheese.

Vegetarian Pizza With Mushrooms, Garlic & Mint

Who said veggies had to be boring? Certainly not a pizza chef! With this wonderful mushroom pizza with roasted garlic and mint, the trick to get over-delicious mushrooms is to cook them before making it a topping for your pizza. You’re welcome!

Spinach-Stuffed Vegetarian Pizza

When we found this over-the-top pizza we just couldn’t wait to share it with you! Go see this wonder!

To get such a result, you need to bake 2 layers of dough that you put on one another, pinching the edge so that the crust is sealed. Simple, yet amazingly tasty and good-looking.

Leafy Green Vegetarian Pizza

Kale, spinach or chard isn’t only for salad fans! Sprinkle generously on this delightful vegetarian pizza on flatbread, along with ricotta and mozzarella cheese. Your customers will thank you!

Pizza With Eggs for Breakfast: Yes Please!

If you’re like us, you’d like to eat pizza at every meal. That’s perfect timing, ’cause here’s a pizza to die for made with eggs, sweet potatoes, Gouda cheese and chives!

Trust us, your customers will never want to go back to their basic sunny side ups with this supreme vegetarian breakfast pizza, especially that breasfast pizza is a thing, now.

Butternut, Pesto & Goat Cheese Vegetarian Pizza

Vegetarians are gonna go nuts with this colorful, tasteful pizza with butternut ribbons – yeah, ribbons! Other things you can find on this awesome vegetarian pizza: fresh arugula, green pumpkin seeds, Parmesan cheese, goat cheese and red pepper flake sprinkles.

Inspired to try one of these fantastic vegetarian pizzas at your restaurant? Stack all the odds in your favor with the best commercial oven!