When it’s time to choose a conveyor pizza oven, the key is to choose one that retains heat. Why? Because it changes everything! The taste & texture of your pizza, the time you need to cook it, the number of times you need to check it… There are not a lot of features that bring that many benefits!

Everything’s in the Granite Stone… And Ventilation

How could the Hot Rocks oven retain that much more heat compared to other ovens, you might ask? Well, to get an immediate & flawless bake, nothing’s better than granite stone. And turns out, that’s how our conveyor pizza oven works. Hot Rocks oven is in fact the 1st stone conveyor pizza oven on the market!

It simply acts as an insulated chamber that keeps heat inside, but that also distributes it equally everywhere in the oven, for an even source of heat. As top & bottom heat can be adjusted as well as ventilation, you really cook your pizza your way, but with an authentic stone baked taste. Plus, its unique configuration prevents you from having to open the door to see if the pizza’s done!

Cut Baking Time by Half

When heat stays inside, the pizza is baked faster. Making a deep-dish pizza could take around 20 minutes with a deck oven. With a Hot Rocks oven, a deep-dish pizza could be baked in 11 minutes only, like we did with this delicious Detroit-style pizza during the Pizza & Pasta Expo 2019.

Bake a Crispier Pizza

It not only takes less time to bake a pizza with an oven that retains heat well: The pizza is also better. You might think that it’s possible to get a crispy crust in a deck oven, and we agree. But when you open a deck oven’s door so many times during cooking time, you lose heat and it affects the crispiness of your pizza – whether you like it or not – making it softer.

It’s a big miss for pizza fans!

Get Consistent Pizza Taste & Look

A big pet peeve with pizza baking is inconsistency: It’s hard to make em’ all the same! The heat is not well distributed, a lot of water can be lost when overcooked, heat is lost when doors are opened and it’s on the employees to check if the pizza’s done.

With an oven that retains heat well, forget all these problems. Your bake level is always consistent, for its taste AND look.

Preserve Your Pizza Restaurant Image

Pizza quality is key to convince your customers to come back. And if they like your pizza, don’t dare change it a bit! Remember: Lack of consistency affects customer loyalty.

Ouch! Don’t Get Burned Ever Again

Injuries are part of the job. But what if you could say goodbye burns? An oven that retains heat like Hot Rocks’ doesn’t need to be opened during cooking. You heard right: Your employees will not have to open the door every 5 minutes to check if the pizza’s ready and risk burning their forearms. You’re welcome!

Save Time in the Kitchen

Once again, having to check the oven repeatedly to monitor the baking of the pizzas is business as usual. To cook one pizza in a deck oven, let’s say that an employee will check its baking 2 or 3 times. Multiply it by 10 and you get a lot of time wasted compared to an oven that doesn’t need to be opened. Get this employee to make more pizzas for you to sell, sell, sell.

Stop the Chaos

The more the oven does, the less your employees do. And it’s not only about saving time: It helps you reduce a lot of the chaos that you see in every kitchen. Every kitchen but yours, once you use Hot Rocks stone pizza conveyor oven.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Full Control over Your Pizza Baking Now