5%-28% Increase in Weekly Sales With the Hot Rocks Pizza Oven…

And many more impressive gains!

When we were approached by the owner of a franchise of more than 200 pizza restaurants, he was facing great challenges (labor, pizza output, food waste, product consistency and more). He already had considered many options, and now he was determined to focus on oven technology.

According to him, there was “No way in the world” he would ever consider a conveyor oven. That’s until he came across the Hot Rocks pizza oven. He quickly realized how the Hot Rocks stone conveyor oven would be an asset to his business.

We can’t tell you their name – for privacy reasons – but here’s the real case study from a major franchise.

What You All Want to Know First: Key Results

With our oven, our client now bakes more pizzas and makes more money. And he didn’t even have to hire new staff.

✔️ From 5% to 28% increase in weekly sales

✔️ Over 6% hike in overall satisfaction scores

✔️ Over 4% increase in food quality scores

✔️ 20% more pizzas baked without hiring

✔️ No more burnt pizzas

“My sales went from $35k to $45k per week after installing the Hot Rocks.”

Pizza Chain Franchisee

Our Client’s Challenges

Our client was serving up fresh, stone-baked pizzas to local families and friends for many decades before finally being hit with challenges he could no longer face:

  • Shortage of skilled labour
  • Lack of product consistency
  • Food waste costs through the roof
  • Increased customer demands for quality
  • Serving customer in a timely fashion

Struck with those challenges, our client was eager to find a solution that would not only address them, but also maximize his sales and profits.

He decided that adding technology to his baking process would be key to growing his business and attracting new franchisees. Having built his brand around traditional stone-baked pizza, maintaining this quality standard was essential.

What He Had in Mind for His Business:

  • Increase his capacity to sell during peak periods
  • Keep up with third-party app demand
  • Increase his revenue stream without adding staff
  • Cut food costs
  • Decrease reliance on employees

Best Solution: The Hot Rocks Technology

Our client never thought he would consider a conveyor oven before seeing the Hot Rocks oven in action.

But he quickly realized how our stone conveyor oven would be an asset to his business as it would integrate authentic stone-baked taste and quality with speed and consistency; ticking off all the requirements the franchise was looking for.

Our client immediately began to replace his current ovens with the Hot Rocks in all his locations throughout the US.

“The Hot Rocks oven has been great. We’ve invested in what we consider game changing technology to set us apart from other restaurant operations.”

Pizza Chain Founder

Same Quality & Lower Food Waste Without Skilled Staff

By adding technology – a stone conveyor – it was still possible for the franchise to maintain the highest quality without having to hire skilled labour. Hot Rocks proved that removing the human factor was possible:

As we know, the art of baking is tricky (it was critical to maintain the crispy crust they would get from baking on stone) and food waste is often a problem. Our client considerably lowered his food waste, which improved his sales, profits and brand image.

Cutting Baking Time by Over 50%

Customers want it fast, and they usually answer with great reviews. The speed of the oven enabled our client to cut his baking time by over 50% during rush hours for all his restaurants. Large orders, third-party apps, a sports team reservation: They are no longer a challenge for our client.

A Success for This 200+ Pizza Franchise

Not only has our client successfully addressed his initial challenges with Hot Rocks’ innovative technology, but he also reaped benefits such as increasing his sales, improving profitability and soaring customer reviews.

He simply raised his business to the next level.

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