That’s right. The Hot Rocks engineering team has been hard at work making improvements to the stone conveyor oven.  Based on customer feedback, we’ve focused on two key elements: maintenance and ease of use.

No Hassle Maintenance

Pizza operators are busy. Time is money. A well-kept oven is key to operations but does not need to be a hassle. The goal with the GEN3 is to make maintenance quick and easy. This is achieved with accessible crumb trays that slip in and out for speedy cleaning. Lubrication of the conveyor chains is simplified with direct access to the chain without any dismantling required. In addition, maintenance reminders have been added. A popup will appear on the oven’s control panel screen when maintenance is due.

Other enhancements intended to elevate the user’s experience include:

  • Relocated emergency stop buttons for fast and convenient access
  • Reverse buttons to reverse the conveyor
  • A larger access door
  • Improved insulation for a cooler touch
  • A sight overture at the entrance and exit for a better view of the pizza in the oven


New features have been added to the control panel including favorite baking settings, assistance with lubrication, and automated preheat, cooldown, and stone drying modes. All thought out for the user to focus on making pizzas and not on operating the oven.

The Gen3 is in production at the moment and the first ovens are being delivered. Watch it for yourself (Youtube) and visit the website to know more.