Do you cook Detroit deep-dish pizzas at your restaurant? If so, stop wasting precious time. Bake a perfect pie in only a few minutes with a Hot Rocks oven… no other pizza oven is that fast!

11 Minutes at 430 °F: All it Takes to Get a Perfect Detroit Deep-Dish Pizza

Cooking a Detroit deep-dish pizza usually takes up to 30-45 minutes in any pizza oven on the market. But not with ours. After 11 minutes at 430 °F, we had a perfectly cooked Detroit deep-dish pizza, just as delicious as good-looking.

Lucky us, we caught it on tape. Watch our tester’s reaction during the 2019 Pizza & Pasta Show when encountering our marvelous Detroit deep-dish:

It Always Comes out Perfect From the Hot Rocks Oven

The Hot Rocks oven is unique thanks to its granite stone that keeps heat inside. It literally cuts baking time by more than half! Each and every pizza comes out flawless from the Hot Rocks oven, in less time. You get up to 50% shorter ticket time! And as we know, speed means profit. See all the oven features here, and try our oven customization tool!

Look at This Detroit Deep Dish

It looks so good… so tasty… you almost can taste it…

Don’t be shy, take a bite.

A deep-dish pizza ready to be cooked in a Hot Rocks Oven

A deep-dish pizza is entering the Hot Rocks oven

A deep-dish pizza comes out from a Hot Rocks oven

A deep-dish pizza perfectly cooked in 11 minutes in a Hot Rocks oven

Delicious slice of a deep-dish-pizza cooked in a Hot Rocks oven