Hot Rocks Pizza Oven Giveaway 2019

A Prize that Really Rocks

$35,000 value

Will you be the winner of next year’s Hot Rocks Pizza Oven Giveaway?

It’s the kitchen upgrade of your dreams, and for one lucky winner, it will become a reality.

The Hot Rocks pizza oven offers the ideal blend of speed and quality. Thanks to its granite stone conveyor, you’ll be able to ramp up your production capacity without burning a single pie – ever. The result is a crowd-pleasing pizza that boasts exceptional consistency and perfectly crispy crusts, dished out in record time.

See what Hot Rocks’ Owners have to say about it:


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decrease ticket 1

Decrease ticket times by 50%
& increase customer

perfect pizza 2

Bake the perfect pizza in less
than 3 minutes

increase revenue

Increase revenue &
consistency while cutting labor costs


Hot Rocks 2019 Pizza Oven Giveaway Winner

“It’s a total game changer!”

– Alban Shahini
Owner of Brooklyn Pizza, Houston, Tx

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