We are proud to have been part of the launch of the brand-new Ford F-150 electric truck.

The four-day event took place at our client and kitchen partner Singing Water Vineyards in Comfort, Texas. Andy and Missy, the owners, just added a Hot Rocks oven to their kitchen and we were on hand to take part in this epic event.

More than 120 members of the media and 50 Ford engineers and staff attended the event, where they enjoyed freshly baked Hot Rocks pizzas and food provided by local restaurants. For most of the guests, it was their first-time eating stone-baked pizza and it was a real success!

Result: Perfectly Baked Flat Bread Pizzas

The stone conveyor oven – like the new truck – is unlike any other in its class.

4 reasons that make them unique


Like Ford Motor Company’s pioneering electric truck, the Hot Rocks oven is revolutionizing the pizza industry; it is the first conveyor oven made of granite, giving pizza a stone-baked, artisan quality while producing large quantities quickly.

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Able to bake pizzas in half the time of traditional stone ovens, the speed of the Hot Rocks is comparable to the Ford Lightning’s 0-60 mph acceleration in under five seconds. Baking pizzas 50 percent faster allows pizza makers to serve more customers in their establishments and keep up with third-party orders, takeout and deliveries. Specifically, you can bake up to 250 pizzas per hour with our stone conveyor oven without compromising on quality.


Both the Ford Lightning and the Hot Rocks oven offer a high return on investment. The Hot Rocks oven requires no skilled labor to operate, minimizing labor and training costs for owners. Pizzas are perfect every time, reducing food waste and putting money back in the owners’ pockets.

That said, considering labor savings and increased sales, the payback on the oven is less than a year.

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The Hot Rocks stone conveyor is robust and durable – similar to the “Built Ford Tough,” high-horsepower Lightning. The granite stone combined to the variable damper guarantees top quality pizza with its even heat distribution and retention (goodbye burnt pizzas!).

During a demonstration of the benefits of an electric truck, the Lightning even powered the Hot Rocks oven, using the built-in 9.6 KW outlet in its bed.

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Here is a part of the Hot Rocks and Singing Water team.

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