Because even in the pizza world, there is a shortage of employees to get the job done. No but, where are they or should we say, where are the qualified, skilled and diligent employees?

We know what you are going through and we are going through it too… What if we would help?

Recruit Easily With the Hot Rocks Stone Conveyor Oven

How can a Hot Rocks stone conveyor oven help me find employees you ask? Well, it’s simple, just insert the pizza into the stone conveyor oven and take it out when it’s baked on the other side, anyone can do that.

As PMQ Pizza Magazine says, “Addressing these labor shortages was the focus of the development of the Hot Rocks oven”. No training is required to operate our ovens, so you don’t have to spend several days training the new guy. That said, you can go after a larger pool of employees, since no qualifications are required for the job.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

If you have a deck oven, you know that the risk of burns is high, especially for a new employee. As already mentioned in our article A Pizza Oven that Retains Heat: The Key to Success, the Hot Rocks oven is especially made to protect employees from burns. Employees simply don’t need to open the door to check if the pizza’s ready, thus reducing the risk of being injured and avoiding the very high temperature coming out of the oven each time they open it. This will make the position much more attractive!

Also, over time, some of your employees may develop back pain or arm injuries from opening and closing the oven doors. That said, if you lose one more employee, you have to start the hiring process all over again. You won’t experience that with Hot Rocks.

Less stressfull kitchen for employees. No running around. Less risk of bumping into one another.

You Save an Employee

You’re probably wondering how you could save an employee with the Hot Rocks? It’s simple, the employee who is permanently in charge of the oven can be assigned to make pizza. The result? You will increase your pizza production, up to 250 pizzas per hour, to be exact! As we said when we put 3 pizza ovens to the test: You need fewer employees THE DAY you install the Hot Rocks.

No more Burnt Pizzas

The Hot Rocks oven settings will be made according to your type of pizza. So, you put the pizza in the oven and it comes out the other side by itself. The employee doesn’t have to do any handling, so you can’t miss your pizza.

Hot Rocks stone conveyor ovens are the solution to the labor shortage! What are you waiting for?


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