For those who have a deck oven, we agree, conveyors have a bad reputation. Many of you don’t want to be associated with a conveyor oven.

You are under the impression that you are downgrading, settling for less, cutting the quality of your pizzas but it’s not the case with a stone conveyor oven.

Two Words Make a Difference; the Stone!

You may wonder why the stone, what exactly does it change? Well, it changes everything! A stone conveyor oven is not a standard conveyor oven, the stone guarantees heat distribution and retention. When you bake with stone, the thermal shock allows for better even and consistent baking compared to a deck oven that loses heat as you open and close the door.

What Is the Most Frequently Asked Question?

Will a stone conveyor make a pizza that is as good as a deck oven? The answer is YES, without a doubt!

You have high expectations for the quality of your pizza and you should!

The firing of a stone conveyor oven is very similar to a deck oven but without the heat loss. As you already know, the phenomenon of constantly opening and closing the deck oven door is detrimental to baking. And God knows, when it’s peak time in your restaurant, baking and speed of delivery are really important.

In the Hot Rocks, the stone conveyor is constantly revolving and being heated so there’s always a hot surface ready to bake on. As we explain in our article about heat retention, the heat is uniform and constant, without any flaws, leading to a perfect bake of the pizza. It cannot be missed compared to a deck oven.

A Much Crisper Crust

Because no one can resist a good, crispy, well-done pizza crust! Well, you won’t be able to resist the crispy crust and the beautiful coloring of pizzas from a commercial stone conveyor oven. Your pizza will hold up very well in your hand, be baked to perfection and taste like an authentic stone baked pizza. All this thanks to the heat retention and thermal shock of the Hot Rocks.

Better Management of Your Employees

Tired of burning pizzas? Yes, that’s part of the reality of deck ovens. It’s all management to do for your employees who have to constantly open the ovens to see the pizza baking.

What if I told you that you could take your employee in charge of your deck ovens and assign him/her to do pizza preparation… what would you say? Woaaaaah!

It’s possible with the Hot Rocks stone conveyor oven!

No more stressing about making sure you don’t miss a pizza, with the Hot Rocks, the employee inserts the pizza and it comes out perfectly baked on the other side. It’s as simple as that, no training required for your employees! In a labor shortage environment, your employees are valuable, so it’s an essential. You’ll find out in our article The Best Pizza Ovens to Help With the Labor Shortage.

Works in a Sleeveless Shirt

If you are used to operating several deck ovens at the same time, you probably prefer to wear long sleeves to minimize injuries caused by the heat of the ovens. For the unaccustomed, one disadvantage of deck ovens is that you have to constantly reach into the ovens to turn the pizza or watch it bake and of course, its very hot inside.

Plus, it’s summer and summer means a few more heat waves to come! Ouchhhh, working in long sleeves in the middle of a heat wave is really not for everyone. Hats off to those who do! With Hot Rocks stone conveyor ovens, you can work in a t-shirt without fear of burning your forearms. How cool is that?

One of our customers changed his deck ovens to a Hot Rocks pizza oven and here’s what he thinks:

Don’t take a step back, take a step forward!

Keep your head up high. Maintain your quality standards. You don’t have to settle for less.

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