Should You Start Your Own Food Truck Business? 2019-2024 Forecast

2020-03-05T01:00:48-05:00Article, Business-wise|

Shiny food trucks are like candy stores for millennials: they just have to get something. They're also eating out more than other generations. In fact, they're the most likely consumers to eat something from a food truck (47 % [...]

How the Hot Rocks Oven Technology Accelerated the Growth of a 200+ Pizza Franchise

2023-05-23T13:39:27-04:00Article, Business-wise|

5%-28% Increase in Weekly Sales With the Hot Rocks Pizza Oven... And many more impressive gains! When we were approached by the owner of a franchise of more than 200 pizza restaurants, he was facing great challenges (labor, pizza [...]

Ghost Kitchens on the Rise: 7 Things They Do (You Should Too)

2020-01-09T01:00:48-05:00Article, Business-wise|

You know regular restaurants: brick-and-mortar buildings with seats, tables and kitchens. Now do you know ghost restaurants? They are kitchens where you can't ask for food, can't sit and can't eat. Then what's so appealing about them? Ordering from [...]

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